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It’s hard to talk about because it is a personal issue but I brought it up on the show so I can’t pretend not to want to talk about it now.

The interesting part is that a lot of my friends who would never talk about it before are now like, “You know what, Joanna? If the lighting is bad I can totally see my cellulite, that’s one thing. Everyone has some kind of imperfection, nobody is perfect.

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They’ve been hanging out.'Quoth another source of Nico and Joanna: 'They've been inseparable and enjoying their time together, and they spent Mother's Day together.'In an interview uk ran this past December, Joanna brushed off Internet sniping about her penchant for showing off her body on Instagram or in magazines.Said she: 'I'm very proud of my body, I work really hard, I workout and try to stay in shape and eat healthy.I'm super proud of it and I believe if you have it you flaunt it!The Warsaw-born 38-year-old's impressively flat midriff was on display as she lifted a large pink exercise ball above her head, tilting a bit to one side.Scroll down for video Sun streamed into the photographs through a set of wood-framed glass double doors that opened onto a balcony, and in the third photo, Joanna sat on the ball.