Updating facebook status via twitter

Facebook Connect allows you to bring your Facebook profile with you across the Web.

We recently worked with Yahoo to integrate your Facebook experience into Yahoo's new homepage; we've built our own Firefox and i Phone applications in-house; and we built tools to help you bring your content from You Tube, Hulu and other sites into your Facebook profile.

But more importantly, we stay in touch with friends and family and share photos.

Twitter doesn't serve the same role: Though both are social networks, Twitter is about reaching out to an audience and sharing interesting information.

It's about expanding your social circle in the interest of self-promotion or brand promotion, or following the developments of industries you're invested in.

If you’re active on both Facebook and Twitter it can be a hassle updating both social networks at the same time.

There are several apps that make it easy to automatically post your latest tweets to your Facebook wall.

Updating facebook status via twitter