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This is the one of three projects Oats will be releasing in this initial volume of projects. The original idea was to make make a science fiction piece that was about an occupying force in a foreign country, and it kind of grew around that.I always wanted to do a science fiction invasion piece that had direct parallels with an occupying force in a country, like the Germans in France, or Americans in Iraq.The idea was sparked when they would log onto the internet at the shop and see the page that pops up with content from Starbucks.

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On the eve of its release, I spoke with Blomkamp about his new film, the real-world inspirations, and the key to success for Oats Studios.

Instead, it’s a series of scenes depicting various points of view.

Some scenes show what the aliens are doing to humanity; others track a resistance movement led by Sigourney Weaver, and an escaped prisoner named Amir.

She's visiting the East Coast to see her boyfriend The Weeknd.

And Selena Gomez ensured she was dressed to impress as she headed for a night out in New York on Saturday.