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The state of confusion around the new Xbox One console is such that we're delighted to bring you the news that Microsoft's next console has a power button.

What's more: its watchful new Kinect sensor that must be plugged in for the console to run can be turned off. Maybe this new Xbox won't be spying on everyone after all.

The Kinect for Windows SDK, which runs on Windows 7 PCs, includes raw sensor streams from the Kinect cameras and microphone arrays for those who want to access the low-level programming interfaces.

It also provides skeletal tracking capabilities for up to two people for those who want to create gesture-centric applications, as well as audio elements that are integrated directly with Microsoft’s Speech API (SAPI).

For example, Kinect sees a players face, using facial recognition to sign players in.

But Microsoft explains that the tech is really seeing the distance between key points on faces, and that they store a set of numbers, and not necessarily pictures.

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let's face facts..Xbox One has seemed, for the past week, to be a tad different than the average piece of consumer electronics.

There's no word as to whether this SDK will be optimized for Windows 8 PCs, but with the Windows 8 beta also expected by many of us Microsoft watchers in early 2012, perhaps the stars will align....

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