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For specialized tasks such as database tuning, it's possible to set the Oracle undocumented ("hidden" parameters).You should carefully test all undocumented parameters and get permission from Oracle technical support before using undocumented parameters in production.In part 1 of this series we explored ways to extract undocumented packages, hints, utilities and executables from Oracle.

En d'autres termes, vous devriez fixer cette valeur à l'aide de la fonction , le cookie ne sera envoyé que si la connexion est sécurisée.Everywhere we look, requirements, requirements, requirements! However, in the midst of eliciting, analyzing, and specifying requirements, there is a context at play. Another two elements are much more pliable – those are the assumptions and constraints.Most requirements deliverables have a special place for these little pieces of information.After the database is started, mount the database as a standby database.Once it is mounted, the database can receive archived redo data from the primary database.